Wednesday, December 2, 2009

next hoop-yoga session 12/17 @ 9pm

hoop-yoginis and yoga-hoopers!
We know you're craving a wonderful work out experience, so to quench your fun-loving thirst here it is: our next HOOP YOGA session! We are so very excited to meet up for another workshop integrating yoga (led by our own talented and certified instructor Nicole) and hoop dance. Our first class had such a great turn out and can't wait to share this great workout experience with more of you!
If you were able to attend class last time, it would be amazing to see you again. It's going to feel great to have that hoop around your body again - you may be surprised by how easy you get it this time! For those who are new to the list or weren't able to make the last class, we would LOVE to see you! and don't you worry about being behind on your hooping - We use larger, weighted hoops which make it much easier to catch on (and provide better exercise too!)... in fact, we haven't yet met someone that we couldn't teach to hoop, so trust us, you can do it! Just about everyone in the class are inexperienced or beginner hoopers, so you'll be in good company!
Where: Sounddance Studio - 281 N. 7th Street between Havemeyer & Meeker (BQE), Williamsburg, Brooklyn. Trains-- take L train to Bedford or Lorimer, or G train to Metropolitan/ Lorimer and it's just a couple of blocks away
When: Thursday, 12/17 9:00-10:15PM
How much: Free! Though donations are greatly appreciated!!! Since it's our second class and we're still working with each other and with you to make this the best class EVER, we aren't charging... But if you can afford it, please give a donation (whatever you can afford to give us... $5? $10? :) the donation is to help us cover the cost of the rental space and to supply the hula hoops for the class.
What to bring/wear: Just comfy work out clothes that you can move around it and your beautiful self - we'll provide the rest! We have the hula hoops, mats and yoga accessories needed for class
Why: ....Because it's awesome and it'll make you feel great!!! as we noted in the last email - 1 hour of hooping burns the same amount of calories as running on the treadmill for the same amount of time at an 8 minute mile pace!!! If you're feeling a little pokey after Thanksgiving or want to get a head start on holiday cookie calories, it's a fantastic and fun way to work your body and tone your core and arms specifically.
Hope to see you on Thursday the 17th! Please let us know if you think you can join us(Friends welcome too! Just let us know a head count) If you aren't able to make it and want to be removed from our list as to not be contacted in the future, let us know... no hard feelings :) Please feel free to email if you have any questions. Can't wait to see you all!
hug n kisses and happy hooping,
Becca, Mary Beth and Nicole

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